Maldives is an Islamic Country

Maldives Holiday Islamic Country
Human habitation on the Maldives can be traced back to 2500 years and contemporary research shows that the earliest settlers were Dravidian people from Kerala, India. The earliest written history of the Maldives can be found in the Mahavasana, a historical poem of the ancient Kings of Sri Lanka written in the Pali language,that narrates the account of the exiled Indian Prince Vijaya who set sail to Sri Lanka with his followers, from which one of the ships carrying his people got shipwrecked in the Maldives then known as Mahiladvipika circa 500 BC. This was to be a fateful development as the infusion of these people into the islands resulted in the creation and development of Dhivehi, the national language which even today has striking similarities to Sinhalese.

Maldives Holiday Islamic Country
Before the conversion of the people of the Maldives to Islam in the 12th century AD, Maldives was a Buddhist country that practiced either the Theravada, Vajrayana or Mahayana traditions of Buddhism. There are indications in the remains of Buddhist temples found on many islands suggestive of these traditions having been practiced on the islands and the issue of which was predominant remains uncertain to modern scholarship.Though a patriarchal society for centuries now, early accounts from travelers who sailed to these ancient isles suggest that the Maldives was governed by a queen and also provide that the local men were responsible only for military defense and that women held higher social status in general with upper class women having several male servants to do their bidding