Maldives Political System

Maldives Holiday Political SystemThe short lived first republic was declared by President Mohamed Amin Didi in 1953 and lasted a few months before he was deposed by a violent mob of disenfranchised locals for his unpopular policies and reform agenda. This was followed by a reversion to the sultanate with the coronation of Sultan Mohamed Fareed Didi who's reign lasted till 1968 when President Ibrahim Nasir established the second republic through a referendum.
Maldives Holiday Political SystemMaldives Holiday Political System
President Ibrahim Nasir though criticized for his autocratic rule oversaw a period of unprecedented modernization with the introduction of tourism, widespread education in the English medium and the building of the first Maldivian airport. He is also widely credited for gaining independence from the British in 26th July 1965 while he was prime minister under Sultan Mohamed Fareed Didi. The presidency of Ibrahim Nasir came to an end when popular discontent with his autocratic regime peaked in 1978 paving the way for President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom to win the elections.President Gayyoom stayed in office for 30 years winning six consecutive elections and surviving three coup attempts with the last one in 1988 fully materializing into a gunfight on the streets of Male'. He was also criticized for his autocratic rule but economic growth continued under his rule and living standards increased significantly from when he took office. Hence he still has a considerable support base throughout the country.

The regime of President Gayyoom came to an end in 2008 when Mohamed Nasheed a human rights activist and journalist rallied popular support by forming the Maldivian Democratic Party and called for the first multiparty elections in the Maldives which Mohamed Nasheed won. However, President Mohamed Nasheed's regime was short lived since he resigned three years into his term alleging a coup de' tat which was followed by his vice president Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik assuming the presidency for the remainder of his term. Mohamed Nasheed contested the 2013 elections and lost by a narrow margin to Abdullah Yamin Abdul Gayyoom, half brother of the former president who is now the incumbent president of the Maldives.

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