A baby whale shark of 18 inch is found in the Maldives

A baby whale shark of 18 inch is found in the MaldivesA whale shark this young has never been spotted in the Maldives and this is a ‘joyous occasion’, said the Marine Research Center (MRC).

It is speculated that the whale shark was born in Maldivian waters, supplementing the possibility of whale sharks breeding in the Maldives. 

Four employees from the Gangehi Island Resort in the atoll had spotted the whale shark 500 feet off the coast of the Resort. They had captured the whale shark, taken it to the resort, and had released it an hour later.  

Whale sharks are a protected species. 

The employees had, at around 10:00 am on Sunday, been cleaning chunks of floating trash when they found the whale shark. 

“We clean patches of floating trash because they attract sharks and could present a danger” said Hassan Nizad, who was part of the quartet “We found the whale shark swimming there and Hussein Abdul Gayoom had taken it out of the water with his hands”.

Whale shark sightings are commonplace throughout the year in the Maldives and serve as a considerable tourist attraction.  Read full article