Bikini, biscuit pudding and a free Maldives holiday

Bikini, biscuit pudding and a free Maldives holidayFirstly, let me explain the reasoning behind my rather erroneous and click-baiting blog title.

To get the Kuredu blog ball rolling with content you have been telling us you would like to see, all heads of departments decided they would share insights into the daily life at Kuredu Resort & Spa and the operational side of this Maldives resort. Some sort of insider information, allowing you to realize that there is much more to Kuredu than meets the eye, and to give you a rough idea what undertakings are necessary to make one of the best value for money Maldives resorts tick.

To spice things up, our General Manager, Ken, set a challenge: Whose blog article will chalk up the most views?

No problem, I thought, it is in the bag. Then reflecting upon my competition, it dawned on me: How am I going to better Kuredu’s Guest Services Manager, Fikry?! For what he lacks in stature, he certainly makes up for in personality, charm and a deplorable record in weather prediction (we are in the tropics, how hard can it be!). Not to mention, his customer contact far exceeds that of most of the other authors. In short – excuse the pun, he has a huge following! So, in a blatant and shameless attempt to gain clicks, likes, comments and shares, the title was born. If you have fallen for it – thank you. But fear not, what follows will indeed include one of the three tempters from the title… Read more