A brief insight to tourism in Fuvahmulah Maldives

tourism in Fuvahmulah Maldives
The tap that is Fuvahmulah Tourism has been dripping for some time. Now a handful of Fuvahmulah businessmen along with a strong team of motivated professionals have grabbed the tap and turned it on full flow.

Locally known as the most beautiful island in the Maldives, you only need to approach from above to understand why. No other Maldives island boasts two large fresh water lakes, such greenery, vegetation and agriculture. The isolated location of the island means that the community relies on each other and is self-sufficient. The mango tree is a common sight in the gardens of many well-kept coral houses littered with widely smiling Maldivian children, curious as you pass by.
tourism in Fuvahmulah MaldivesFuvahmulah is not your typical local island, guesthouse style stay. Our unique one island; one atoll status means that all our excursions and experiences take place on and around the island itself. Guests can go hiking through wetlands, yam fields and beaches covered with stones, pebbles, then the finest of tiny shiny pebbles of the famous Thundi. Thundi was recently recognised as the 9th most beautiful hidden beach in Asia.

Active types will be in their element cycling round the island, beach hopping, snorkelling, diving or even surfing.

More laid back types can take a relaxed ride on the lake, visit the local cafes mixing with the locals, watch the fishermen returning to the harbour with their mornings catch or join a guided tour of the island visiting historical and cultural sights such as the oldest mosque on the island at Gemmiskiy or the ancient circular bath of Vasho-Veyo.

Our local guides and the majority of our Guest House staff are Fuvahmulakians who have returned home to be with their families. Coming from a 4 and 5* resort backgrounds means the level of service and attention to detail is above and beyond the expectation of your typical local island visitor.

The beauty of this destination is it’s still so new.. so untouched and ready to be explored. Those that like to take photo’s no one has taken before, experience things for the first time and be part of what is the official birth of tourism in Fuvahmulah will be in their element.

tourism in Fuvahmulah MaldivesOur general vision is to showcase our beautiful island, provide jobs for local residents and help Fuvahmulah develop as an island. Environmental and social responsibility is a priority for the team along with offering guests a completely unique experience in Maldives.

Getting there: Flyme and Maldivian both have daily flights to Fuvahmulah Airport. The flight is approximately 1hr.

Accommodation: Viluxer Retreat, Viluxer Veyli & Diving and Marina Boutique all offer modern and comfortable accommodation and are looking forward to welcome you!

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tourism in Fuvahmulah Maldives

tourism in Fuvahmulah Maldives

tourism in Fuvahmulah Maldives

tourism in Fuvahmulah Maldives


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