Cites Maldives Resorts Among World Top Shining Spas Cites Maldives Resorts Amont World Top Shining Spas
Perhaps the definitive desert island escape, The Maldives is where all the fantasy tropical holiday boxes are ticked: swaying palms, top-end luxury, cobalt-coloured seas, powdery beaches and year-round sunshine. The best bit? Due to its geographic spot close to the equator and flatlands, sunsets in the Maldives are a 360˚experience. If it showers, rainbows make a colourful arc across the brilliant shades of blue sea and sky. Getting around means soaring over the islands from the capital Malé in tiny seaplanes, or speeding along by boat to get among the string of coral atolls sprinkled like pearls over the Indian Ocean.... Read more