About Us

Maldives Holiday Tour is a tourism promotion website for Maldives.

Our Aim

It’s our aim to be the first to buzz tourism related news for Maldives holiday makers, without compromising reliability and authenticity. We continue moving in this direction.

Who we are

With me I have professionals experienced in the travel industry with many years of experience working with guests, marketing and promoting resort room sales. Our website includes authentic information from reliable sources.

We are not a profit making organization. We work as volunteers to lend a hand to tourism industry in the interest of promoting Maldives as a brand.

What We Do

We collect information from newsletters of reliable industry websites, industry professionals, local and international media.

Our primary function is to compile Maldives travel related news around the globe and buzz them through our website and social media. In addition we buzz trends, views and info about recent developments in the industry in a global perspective. 

The website includes variety of articles on travel and tourism. Promotions and special offers of airlines, resorts, hotels, safari, guest house, travel agents and tour operators are frequent occurrences. Successful industrial professionals, success stories of hotels and resorts enrich the website. Trends in the industry is a special mention.

We publish on social media that includes but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Our posts include micro-blogs, photographs and video. We love to post all interesting media whenever available to us.

What We Request

We request airlines, resorts, hotels, safari, guest house, travel agents and tour operators to keep us informed about promotions, special events and success stories.